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About Melissa

My Story

I love food and believe it should and can be both nutritious and delicious! I earned a Masters of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. I love helping people get "In Tune" with their personal nutritional needs to create a lifestyle that works for them while promoting their overall quality and enjoyment of life.


I first developed a sense of of how food can affect our bodies while my father was receiving treatment for cancer in 2006. In the years following his passing, I developed a great interest and passion for food and nutrition. At the time, I was enjoying a fulfilling career as an elementary and high school band teacher. I loved what I was doing and didn't anticipate changing career courses. After nearly a decade teaching, I decided to take time off from the classroom to honestly explore my budding passion for nutrition. During this time, I improved my eating habits and experienced a 25 pound weight loss! I learned first hand the power of food as I started enjoying greater energy to do the activities I loved. 


In my free time, I enjoy getting outside and hiking/exploring the many nearby trails and waterfalls of the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and visiting the ocean! I love trying out and creating new recipes. My creations and life are enjoyed with my other half/partner in adventure, Mike, and our cat, Blackie, who has adopted us as his humans. 

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