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In Tune Nutrition

Creating Harmony & Balance in Your Life

"Sometimes the

smallest step

in the right direction

ends up being the

biggest step of your life.

Tiptoe if you must,

but take a step."


~Naeem Callaway

The food we eat has a tremendous influence on our overall health, energy, mood, and well being. If eating well was the only thing we did for our health, we might feel pretty good. But what if we could feel great and have the energy to do all the things that are important to us?

With a focus on your health goals, we will look in depth at your nutritional needs. 

We work together to explore your individual needs in a low-stress way that fits your lifestyle.

  • Nutrition Response Testing
  • Customized Nutrition Plans
  • Food & Nutrition Coaching
  • Educational Talks & Workshops
  • Whole Food Supplements
We select the options that are best suited to your needs and goals. Contact me today to get started!
Meet Melissa

I love food and believe it should and can be both nutritious and delicious! I earned a Masters of Science in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, OR. I love helping people get "In Tune" with their personal nutritional needs to create a lifestyle that works for them while promoting their overall quality and enjoyment of life.

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